Open Markets are Working!

But progress will stop if Ohio starts playing the bailout game!

Investment is working. Since Ohio restructured its energy markets to make them competitive, new investment has poured into our state. Currently, billions of dollars in new investment is underway in Ohio, most of it in clean, natural gas generation plants. Ohio's abundant natural gas resources and our open, competitive energy markets, mean electricity rates across the state are falling. Ohioans, on average, saved close to $3 Billion last year alone by shopping for their electricity. 

And it's not just cheaper electricity rates. With all the new investment in generating electricity in Ohio, THOUSANDS OF JOBS are being created. 

But all of this progress is in jeopardy. The big utility lobbyist are pushing legislators to fix the system in THEIR favor and bailout their uncompetitive power plants.

Bills like House Bill 239 -the "cost recovery" bill- and Senate Bill 128 -the "ZEN" bill- would distort Ohio's fair and open energy markets and allow government to start picking winners and losers.

And the real losers: Ohio's consumers.

They would lose by having less investment in Ohio-made energy

They would lose by having few energy jobs available.

And most importantly, they would lose by having to pay MORE for electricity. 

Let's say "NO" the energy giants special fees. Let's keep Ohio moving forward!