Fight the Hikes! Pull the plug on utility handouts 

Don’t let Ohio’s utility regulators – the five Commissioners on the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) – raise your electric bill! FirstEnergy and American Electric Power (AEP) are demanding that you prop up their old coal and nuclear power plants. They want you to save them from their bad business decisions and protect them from competing with new, cleaner natural gas plants that produce electricity at a lower cost.

The utilities’ proposed deals guarantee double-digit profits for shareholders paid for by customers like you.

Stop these raw deals now!

The Issue

FirstEnergy and AEP, companies that generate and sell electricity in Ohio and other parts of the U.S., want residential consumers and businesses to pay $6 billion over eight years to subsidize their old, coal-burning and nuclear power plants. 

These utility companies are seeking power purchase agreements, or PPAs, from the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) that will force consumers and businesses to pay above-market, unrealistic rates to subsidize plants that are no longer cost-effective to operate. The companies didn’t plan wisely and now expect Ohio residential consumers and business owners to give them handouts. They’re at the PUCO now cutting backroom deals, without any comments from Ohioans, to guarantee corporate profits and protect shareholder dividends. 

These companies have threatened plant shut-downs and warned that consumers and businesses will no longer have a reliable power supply. Their threats are ploys to instill fear, and these claims that the power supply will be harmed are simply and completely untrue. They want to block competition and re-regulate energy to benefit themselves and their shareholders to the detriment of Ohio consumers and businesses. 

A group of eight energy generators and suppliers launched the Alliance for Energy Choice and denounced the power purchase agreements that guarantee consumer-paid subsidies. 

The issue shouldn’t be decided on what’s best for AEP’s and FirstEnergy’s executives and investors. Rather, what’s best for everyone in Ohio. 

The five appointed PUCO commissioners are expected to vote on the plans in March.

What’s at Stake?

AEP and FirstEnergy are involved in a brazen scheme that will give them special protections and increase the amount of money you pay on your electric bill – more than $100 a year for AEP customers and $36 a year for FirstEnergy’s ratepayers. They want a handout from you and a guaranteed profit – in short, greedy, corporate welfare at its worst.

Corporate executives and shareholders win – you lose. 

Electric choice is working to lower your electric bills. But AEP and FirstEnergy want the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) to force their customers to foot the bill for the companies’ investment in their aging and inefficient plants.   

FirstEnergy and AEP are putting their Wall Street shareholders above hard-working Ohioans. The utilities’ schemes will hurt all Ohioans, including working people on tight budgets, seniors on fixed incomes, small businesses, faith-based organizations, and charities. 

If the PUCO agrees to their plans, corporate handouts and greed will destroy incentives for other power 

companies to build new, cleaner, cheaper natural gas-fired plants, many of which have already been proposed and are in the process of being built. 

Don’t let government shield these big corporations from their own mistakes. 

Tell the PUCO commissioners to say “no” to corporate handouts.